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James Capo

James Capo

Photography - Oro Valley, AZ


"Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter." -- Ansel Adams.

I got my start in photography early in my teens, when my older brothers built a darkroom in our basement. The first time I watched a photo emerge from a blank sheet of photo paper so enthralled me, I forgot to move the sheet from the developing tray to the stop bath. I watched until the photo went nearly black! I learned much, however, and loved shooting nature and sports, and manipulating photos in the darkroom. Ansel Adams' words capture the sense of wonder and appreciation I have in being able to capture some of the beauty, majesty and mystery in nature, and in the wider world around us.

The digital darkroom has replaced the chemical one, but the magic of capturing moments of meaning and creating beautiful photos continues. It harkens thoughts of another quote from Adams, who foresaw where photography was heading years ago:

"I am sure the next step will be the electronic image, and I hope I shall live to see it. I trust that the creative eye will continue to function, whatever technological innovations may develop." -- Ansel Adams

I hope you enjoy my work. I certainly enjoy producing it.


The Ghost Ship at Mono Lake by James Capo


Pines Reflected in Tenaya Lake by James Capo


Mono Moon Rising by James Capo


Moonrise Over Mono Lake by James Capo


Mobius Arch and Whitney by James Capo


White Pocket-The Blue Hour by James Capo


Great Horned Owl in Flight - Coming At-Cha by James Capo


Graceful by James Capo


Sunrise Reflection at White Pocket AZ by James Capo


Rock Candy by James Capo


Biosphere 2 by James Capo


The Tree by James Capo


Barrio Bicycle by James Capo


Welcome to the Barrio by James Capo


Vanilla-Carmel Swirl by James Capo


Elysian Grove Market by James Capo


Cactus Flower by James Capo


Stately by James Capo


Running Horse Home by James Capo


Off Kilter by James Capo


Barrio Red and Green by James Capo


Barrio Door by James Capo


The Old Church Windows by James Capo


Faith in the Barrio by James Capo


Time to Celebrate by James Capo


Butterfly Magic by James Capo


I am the Light of the World by James Capo


Sonoran Desert Sunset by James Capo


Golden Columbine by James Capo


Crawling Alicoche by James Capo


Waters in the Wilderness by James Capo


Plateau Point - Grand Canyon by James Capo